WebSynchronizer 1.5

WebSynchronizer is a universal tool for manual or automatic backup, replication and synchronization
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WebSynchronizer is a universal utility for synchronization directories, no matter where they are located - on the same computer, different network computers or remote servers.<<0>>
WebSynchronizer features:<<1>>
Ease of use. The intuitive user-friendly interface makes the work with WebSynchronizer easy and comfortable. You do not need to learn how to configure the program, default settings are optimal in most cases.<<2>>
High speed. WebSynchronizer achieves extremely high speed uploading and downloading a few files simultaneously.<<3>>
Resumption of interrupted synchronization. If connection was suddenly broken during synchronization, WebSynchronizer will continue synchronization from the place where it was cut off.<<4>>
Safety. WebSynchronizer transfers files with false names and renames them when the transfer is complete. It prevents content of the files from damaging if connection to the server is suddenly broken.<<5>>
Synchronization of remote computers. WebSynchronizer allows to synchronize files on two remote servers.<<6>>
Time zones detection. WebSynchronizer automatically calculates a time difference between two computers and considers this difference comparing files.<<7>>
Multiuser synchronization. WebSynchronizer blocks files being synchronized to protect them from changing by another user.<<8>>
"Read only" synchronization allows to replicate directories protected from writing.<<9>>
Log of synchronization. If an error occurred WebSynchronizer informs you what exactly happened.<<10>>
File Associations allow to associate some actions or parameters with files by mask of the file.<<11>>
Scheduler allows to automate some repetitive tasks, e.g. automatically start synchronization at the specified time, or shut down the computer after finishing all tasks.<<12>>
WebSynchronizer is the ideal solution for:<<13>>
- updating content of a webserver<<14>>
- creating backup archive<<15>>
- keeping site mirrors up to date<<16>>
- working with the same data from home and office

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